The Gates Mission Statement


Apostle Alan and Lady Ronda Coleman have been led by the Lord to start a ministry for those who don’t have time for actually attending a church due to working, physical ailment or confinement. This is for those who have no physical church home. Whatever the reason, we want to fill this gap for you.

We are offering not only online LIVE STREAMING of Sunday Morning Service but also our Bible Study, which we call Jesus Study, digging deeper in Jesus, and you don’t have to have a computer for say, but your cell phone, or iPad will work.

I believe every person need a Pastor to help guide them in their spiritual needs and personal everyday situations. 

The Gates is a Multi-Racial Church who feeds the poor and support God’s work throughout the world. Even the ability to offer Live Streaming.

Our desire is to serve and pray for you. We will try and be the best Pastor and Church to you we can be.

I pray you allow us to serve and Pastor you. If you desire this covenant with us, please go to Member Area and sign up.