Our Beliefs

We are a MULTIRACIAL Church because that's what heaven looks like. 

- We love irrationally. We worship Him through loving God and loving People.
- We challenge each other to grow more intimate with God daily.
- We dig into the Bible and allow Holy Spirit to guide us and transform us through His word.
- We will do anything short of sin to reach people who don’t know Christ.
- We are obessed with discipleship and creating disciplers, through small groups, who are loving , consistent , positive leaders.
- We value family and celebrate diversity, respecting all people, no matter culture or background. We are multiracial on purpose.
- We display the Joy of The Lord in all we do. (Smiles, Laughter, Dancing , Singin , Fellowship etc)
-We are generous because Jesus is generous.
-  We choose not to sit the bench in our community, but run the plays ON THE FIELD , and make a difference. ”